What We Do
Our Mission:
Arc of Vigo County is a non-facility, family centered organization providing individualized community services to assist persons with disabilities in choosing where they live, work, and play. People know that we are in existence for our consumers and that we are willing to work with families, other agencies and the community at large to complete our mission.

Our Philosophy:
Our role as staff is to provide instruction and support – consistent with state-of-the-art methods – to ensure that the person served achieves his/her goals.

Each individual served has a program plan, developed by the person served with input from family, funding sources, and Arc staff, which identifies the goals that the individual is committed to achieving. Management’s role is to provide clear expectations of performance, to listen and provide support, to lead and teach, to remove obstacles which hamper achieving results, to provide staff development and training and to maintain the focus of the group on achieving results.

Our Customers:
Our customers are the persons with disabilities who have hired us to help them achieve certain goals. Our “partners” in this process are family members, funding sources, the businesses that hire the people we serve and the community in which we are located.

We will treat our customers and partners with courtesy, respect, and dignity. We will respond to requests in the time frame agreed to; if we make a mistake, we will apologize. We will be polite at all times even if the customer or partner is not. We will LISTEN and respond accordingly when there is a problem. We will solicit feedback (“How are we doing?”) from our customers, partners and the community at large.

Our Integrity:
We will conduct ourselves at the highest degree of integrity at all times. We will be honest, direct and ethical in all our business dealings.



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