Admission and Orientation Procedures

All individuals referred to the Community Support Services Program must meet admission criteria for the agency. When a referral is received in the office it is forwarded to the Program Coordinator who will contact the family and schedule an intake conference with the individual, if appropriate, to determine if the individual understands the program and desires the program. Any necessary and/or additional collateral information may be requested at this time (i.e. verification that consumer meets state eligibility criteria for developmental disability diagnosis, medical information, etc.)

If the individual desires the services the Executive Director or Program Coordinator reviews the referral and all collateral information and accepts or denies admission of the individual to the CSS program. Each case is reviewed on an individual basis. The individual and family are notified that the individual has been determined eligible for the program.

When it is determined that an individual is ineligible for service, the Program Coordinator will notify the individual, in writing, informing the individual of the reason(s) for that determination and will note any recommendations such as referral to another agency. A copy of the letter will be forwarded to the consumer / guardian and other funding source and to the Executive Director for periodic review to determine any trends or patterns.

As soon as the individual is accepted into the program the Program Coordinator coordinates a provider / family match. The Program Coordinator schedules an Orientation Meeting with the consumer, using the Orientation Checklist, to make sure that all orientation topics are discussed and that the consumer, family, and/or significant other understands the program. At this meeting the individual planning process is explained and the individual is asked whom he/she would like to have involved in his/her program planning meetings (if anyone). The consumer is asked to sign a release of information form allowing the agency to send conference notices, information, and etc. to the person(s) the consumer wishes to be included.

Currently, The Arc of Vigo County does not have a waiting list. If at a future time it becomes necessary to place individuals on a waiting list these individuals will receive thirty-day status updates while waiting for services or be referred to another community agency providing the same services. Those individuals on a waiting list will be served by order of referral date.



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